"I bought CalmPro because I run a canine bed and breakfast. I don't cage or kennel the dogs, they actually stay in rooms. When it thunders and lightnings, I have some dogs that really freak out. As soon as I hear the first rumble, I give them CalmPro, and it has helped phenomenally. In fact, one dog actually slept through a thunderstorm. It's a great product and it definitely does the job. I have even had customers that I've given it to for when the dogs go on a roadtrip or if they drive in the car, and they've given it an hour before and the dog isn't foaming at the mouth and is calmer. I can't say enough about your CalmPro product, it definitely calms down anxious dogs."
Gina Hosier
Canine Bed & Breakfast
Copake, NY

"My dog Wendall barked at every little noise or movement around the house, and constantly ran around all worked up all of the time. When company would come over, he was especially anxious, and jumped alot and barked. He's like a changed dog now! This product really helps him to be less nervous, and he's much nicer to be around. Thank you for helping him with a product that works."
Linda S.
Eagle-Vail, CO