About The Ingredients

L-Trytophan – an essential amino acid and natural relaxant, tryptophan is a precursor of serotonin and vitamin B3.

Taurine – also an amino acid, taurine is important for controlling the release of chemical signals between nerve cells in the brain. Supplementation can help minimize nervous behavior.

Niacinimide (Vitamin B3) – vital as a nervous system and brain function vitamin.

Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) – necessary for the normal brain function and for making proteins, neurotransmitters and hormones.

Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – essential for the normal activity of nerve cells.

Hops – tests have shown that hops have a sedative effect, not just on transitory muscle relaxation. Results may be seen within 20-40 minutes after oral intake.

Chamomile – a calming herb, research has shown that chamomile contains a mild sedative agent.

Ginger – shown to settle motion sickness, it may also counteract, the “fight or flight” response and relieve nausea associated with chemotherapy.

Brewer’s Yeast – an excellent source of B vitamins. Essential to nervous system health.