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Formulated by a staff veterinarian and clinical nutritionist, CalmPro is not a drug but a natural, safe
and gentle calming formula for dogs and cats.

CalmPro contains the same essential amino acid found in turkey (L-Tryptophan) which helps support
relaxation, restful sleep, and the hormones involved with mood and stress response

These delicious chewable tablets can be used daily or as needed in stressful situations and are
helpful for maintaining a healthy nervous system and mental attitude.

The CalmPro formula has been tested and is safe for use as directed and may be used in the
following situations:

• Thunderstorms
• Fireworks
• Travel/motion sickness
• Grooming
• Mild separation anxiety
• Holiday guests and company
• Territorial aggression/dominance
• Behavior modification/training (for enhanced focus)
• Vocalization at night
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